By Makula Dunbar

Atlanta rapper YC wastes no time making moves. In between his trek from Ohio to the Carolinas we caught up with the “Racks” rapper, better known as Universal Republic’s newest signee. Riding high on a hip-hop wave caused largely in part to his radio smash, YC let us in on his big break, new projects and hopes to go platinum.

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Where did the name YC come from?

The name YC came from my real name Chris. When I started rapping, I just used Yung Chris. Of course there’s Young Chris from the Young Gunz, but there was a conflict so I went to YC.

Did it upset you at all, not being able to use the name?

I wanted Yung Chris, but I gotta respect the fact that he had it before me. According to trademark or whatever, I can’t do anything with it, so I had to change my name.

Is rap something you always wanted to do or did it just happen?

Coming up, I’ve been the type of person [to think] If I put my mind to something I can do it. Growing up I listened to a lot of music, but when you’re nine years old, you never think that someone’s going to find you. I’ve always done [music], but until I got old enough to learn how to do things I started taking it more serious.

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