benzino-37-minutesFormer rapper turned reality star Benzino earned an unsavory reputation in the arena of hip-hop because of the way he ran The Source Magazine when he was its owner over a decade ago. After lying low for a while, the man born Raymond Scott reemerged on the most popular reality show on cable Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Benzino tried to turn his image around by showing us his soft side when he’s with his girlfriend, aspiring singer Karlie Redd. In one episode, Redd made Benzino shed actual almost-thug tears when she told him her management didn’t want her messing with him because he wasn’t “hot”.

Well, Karlie Redd’s management must have forgotten about Benzino’s illustrious thirty-seven minute solo rap career (his career with the group Made Men is its own post for another day). Being the awesome hip-hop historians we are, The Urban Daily curated the best of the worst of his music to remind you and Karlie Redd’s management team exactly how hot Benzino used to be. (Please note the sarcasm.)

Stevie J ft. Benzino – “Dry Your Eyes”

I’m not sure, but this has got to be Steebie’s desperate plea for Joseline and Mimi to engage in the threesome he sees only in his dreams. Benzino being the friend he is decided he would contribute a verse. Stevie J’s struggle howling coupled with generic rap lines is what Twitter struggle rap mixtapes are made of.

Benzino ft. Dr. Bellatoma – “Bellowzino”

When Benzino thought he was going to have a rap career, he put in a lot of effort to minimal results. Why he thought this was a track that needed to have a video is beyond me. Before the Boston Red Sox broke the World Series curse, this song was probably their most shameful moment.

Benzino ft. Stevie J, Yimean, and Scodough – “Streets Ain’t Ready”

Benzino had the right idea when he named this track. The streets were not ready and the streets did not care about this. I would just like to direct your attention to the fact the director of the video will direct your struggle rap video starting at the low price of one thousand dollars.

The Lost Tapes: 37 Minutes Of Benzino's Rap Career

Benzino ft. Busta Rhymes & M.O.P. – “Figadoh (Remix)”

Were Busta and M.O.P. bribed with better mic ratings and future covers of The Source Magazine to hop on this remix? We think so. Zino must have been crushed when he was ousted from The Source and lost all leverage with artists that were out of his league. And what the hell is that afro about?! Somebody get Frederick Douglass from the Afro Sheen commercial on the line.

Benzino – “Bottles N Up (Thug Da Club)”

There are really no words for this. So I’ll just allow you to marinate with some of the lyrics. “Introducing the nemesis, you’ve heard of me/Into the rebel, the legend, the rock the party took me to a new level/I’m a bad motherf**ka, stones colored, illuminatin/Roll up to the joint and the girls love it/The n***as hate it, unstoppable/Position myself to get cheddar/Incredible with these lyrics/I’m only gettin better.” So how’s that rap career working out for you, Zino? Reality TV fans want to know.

Benzino – “Bang Ta This”

Joseline was mad at Stevie J for throwing a drink on her furrha that she got from Neiman. She also said Stevie was going to buy her a new one. He didn’t need to. He probably stole one of the furrhas Benzino was ridiculously wearing in this video. Remember when cornrows and fake chinchillas were the rap symbol of having made it? I blame Zino!

Benzino ft. Fabolous & G-Dep – “Booty (Remix)”

The only reasons we can think of for Fab and G-Dep to jump on this remix is Fab was fresh in the game and didn’t know any better. G-Dep, on the other hand, was probably high and was strong armed by Diddy to do it. After all, Diddy did invent the remix around the time this one dropped. Zino’s verse was so corny, I almost forgot to mention him. Damn.

The Outlawz ft. Benzino – “Feel Your Pain”

This is a catch 22. “Feel Your Pain” is a come up for Zino because he was on the same record as people who really knew 2pac. Having Benzino on the record was a downgrade for the same reason it was a come up for Zino. How do you go from being featured on 2pac songs to having Benzino featured on your track. I mean if that isn’t hustling backwards, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson doesn’t know what is.

Benzino – “Rock The Party”

Indisputably, “Rock The party” is Benzino’s best song. Why am I saying that? Mainly because it was the song that got all the prettiest girls at my high school parties to dance. Oh, you thought I was going to say that it had something to do with Benzino? You’re fooling yourself just like he was when he thought he was going to have an album to go more than triple forsica.

Benzino ft. LisaRaye – “Would You”

This is the most awesomely terrible record I’ve ever heard in my life, including Mary J. Blige‘s crispy chicken jingle. The best part of the video is looking at LisaRaye‘s fine self pretend she still didn’t have those moves she perfected in The Player’s Club. The worst part of the video is when Benzino makes our ears bleed with his rhyme and then passes the murderous mic over to LisaRaye, who was draped in Burber-ray, to spit the most horrendous verse in rap history. Whoever ghostwrote this should immediately be put up for the racial draft. We can’t take this kind of embarrassment.


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