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When Diddy hosted a special breast cancer fundraiser on Long Island last month, it seems like someone forgot to brief him on the details.

The event was to benefit the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group Foundation, which does breast-reconstruction and other operations for underprivileged patients, and 1 in 9: The Breast Cancer Action Coalition.  Billed as a take-off of Diddy’s legendary “White Party,” at which all attendees must wear all white, attendees were asked to wear a touch of pink in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Apparently Diddy, who was hosting the event, didn’t get that memo as he wasn’t wearing any pink and seemed to be unaware that he was supposed to be.

But that’s not the worst of it.

According to the representatives from the organizations, they haven’t seen any of the money that was raised that evening.

“We never got a penny,” Carolyn Spector, director of the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group Foundation, told the New York Post.

“Nothing was written down, but we were told we would get part of the take,” she said. “The terminology was ‘proceeds from the event.'”

A 1 in 9 staffer says “It’s just a little embarrassing. People say, ‘How much did you raise for your programs?’ And we say, ‘We haven’t seen anything yet.’ ”

Both organizations say that plenty of money was coming in, as attendees were charged $10 at the door, and $1,000 to sit in a special VIP area with Diddy.  Spector says that Glo, the club that hosted the event, was packed by 1 am.

A spokesperson for the club says otherwise.

“It was agreed that if there was a profit, a portion of it would be given to the charity,” said Glo spokeswoman Danielle Orsino. “But the night of the event, there was a torrential rainstorm. They expected thousands and only a few hundred showed up. So they lost money.”
Diddy, however, definitely didn’t lose any money.  The charities say Diddy left with $80,000.  The nightclub says he walked out with a “considerable amount of money.”  Diddy refused to comment on how much he made that night.
Diddy also tells the New York Post that he did nothing wrong and doesn’t owe the charities anything.

“I didn’t know what the [club] owner promised — that had nothing to do with me,” Diddy says.

“I had no information about the charity. When the event was booked, it was just for an appearance. I agreed to let him add the charity because I thought it was a good idea.”


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