According to the homie, Perez Hilton, Eddie Murphy has a bad case of the runs:

“Former Spice Girl, Mel B., gave birth to her adorable baby girl Angel almost two years ago. The babydaddy is “funnyman” Eddie Murphy.

However, there’s nothing funny about the fact that Eddie has never met his daughter.

According to OK!, a friend of Murphy’s says, “To see the kid, he’d have to see the mother. Maybe when she’s older, Eddie will see Angel, but not now.”

Murphy has seven other kids, 5 from his ex-wife and the other 2 from another ex.

Does he make time to see all of them?”

Murphy currently has seven other kids… Five of them from his ex-wife (Strahan’s booski) and two from another ex. Somebody sure gets around!

Should Eddie have to see the kid? Or will a paycheck suffice for the baby’s happiness? Speak on it in the comments section!

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