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Stacy Callender

It’s Friday, 5pm and everyone in the office is ready to leave… Stacy is at it again; she’s calling a last minute meeting to go over the seating chart for the company baseball game. If it weren’t for her curvaceous silhouette and cream like chocolate skin, I’d fall asleep as soon as her marker hit the board.

“Pay attention” she demands, raising her voice slightly; I had gotten lost in her eyes.stacy callender skin deep may I stumbled over my words thinking ‘what was the answer to the question?…then again, what was the question?’ As she strut back to the drawing board I felt my chair jolt like I had stepped onto a space craft that transported me into another realm. Stacy and I are the only people in this space and she wants me just as much as desperately as I crave her!

Stacy Callender Skin Deep TUD MAy “Come in” she whispers, motioning her index finger for me to enter. I stepped into her private office wide-eyed and ripe. She was barely dressed, the shirt on her back looked familiar–it was mine.

“Sit Down” she instructed. I obliged. The coffee mug on the oak desk toppled over as she climbed on top of it. “You know, you are my favorite employee, right?” Her breath was sweet and soft like the long tresses cradling her back. I nodded, I didn’t know she even noticed me. “Come home with me” she said. My heart began to thump and the pulse in my veins lingered at one center location. Stacy Callender Skin Deep Model

It was time to taste the forbidden…my boss.

Stacy Callender

The back of my eyelids became my guide as I stepped into the elevator. Whether or not I would be fired, I would never hesitate to be with Stacy…

I reopened my eyes to only be in the conference room of my office…I had drifted off into the depths of my unconscious and missed the whole meeting!Stacy Callender

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