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black men summer fashion at beach with girlsThe sun is out and so are the girls!  And if you want to have any chance at attracting one at the beach, you will definitely need to step up your summer swimwear style.  You can start by trading in your youthful, bright neon swim trunks for grown man types—something the women can take you seriously in.  You can never go wrong rocking a pair of shades to match your personal style.  Finally, give flip flops a try; wearing them shouldn’t even be an issue (as long as your feet aren’t ashy and your toe nails are clean and trimmed.)  However, if you have feet that could ruin any chance you have with the ladies, boat shoes and canvas espadrilles are a good alternative for walking along the beach.

Check out the photos below for ideas on what to wear to the pool or beach.

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