Is his study racist?

Caltech Phd student Virgil Griffith has a lot of time on his hands. By using data compiled from Facebook and the CollegeBoard the hacker/troublemaker has created a graph that attempts to correlate musical taste with intelligence.

He downloaded the ten most frequent “favorite music” choices at several colleges via the Network Statistics on Facebook and then obtained the average SAT/ACT score for those schools. It’s not terribly scientific but it will certainly get people talking.

The “results”? Lil Wayne fans had the lowest average SAT/ACT scores while people who listen to Beethoven had the highest. (Truth be told, “Moonlight Sonata” IS pretty effin dope, but doesn’t anyone on Facebook listen to Bach? And where do songs like Nas’ “I Can” which sample Beethoven fall in this little chart? ).

Jay-Z, Beyonce, Jazz and Reggeaton listeners live at the lower end of this “intelligence” graph and listeners of Bob Dylan, Norah Jones(guess she really isn’t Jazz after all), and The Beatles were at the nerd end of the spectrum. Who filled out the mid-section? Outkast, Elton John and Bob Marley.

Check out the graph below and click the link for his snarky comments, tactics and disclaimers:

Besides the obvious flaw that the SAT/ACT exams are a horrible measure of overall intelligence, I’m more interested in knowing who is happier. Can he mine the Facebook statuses of Lil Wayne fans vs the Counting Crows fans to see who is going out on a date tonight and who is staying home to fluff their pillows? Or can he find out how many of those “smart” Radiohead fans post regularly on fmylife? That’s the kind of research I want my tax dollars to fund.

Griffith said his life goal is to create a machine that feels. All respect to the fleshlight, but I’m betting that if he’s successful, his little gizmo will be a Hendrix fan.

Personally, I say screw the whole system up, think for yourselves and get your classical music filtered by Chuck Jones. Kill The Wabbit!!

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