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We dance with abandon to it. We cry as our heart breaks to it. We make sweet love to it. We create masterpieces to it, and even escape into untold depths to it. Yet with so much natural human emotions the mere sound a familiar melody evokes, the question today is, why do so many of us consumers who listen to it, come across with the persona as if we are too cool for school, and could really care less about it? The “it” I’m talking about is music, sweet music.

Why do so many people making their living working in the music business, act so contemptuous towards it, when at some point, they had to have really valued it… right? Music….why do we act above it, when we know we really love it?

Scan the blogs for reviews or read quips of many artists who are in the process of fashioning their next project, and you will often find a distinct sense of aloofness or calculated distance from sounds meant to define a generation. It’s sort of a musical elitism or you could also call it plain old catty criticism.

The argument can be made that it’s the content of the music causing this cynical epidemic of industry insiders carrying themselves as if half-of-their-head bob to a beat should transfer into some sort of hard earned green cash. Yet I assure you that if you made them mentally track back to when they first got on, even the most seemingly jaded musicians or musical snobs can easily recall those raw unbridled moments with music which inspired their pursuit of a career in music.

But, perhaps it is the music business responsible for the mask so many working in the industry rock as their daily face.  When new artists come across their desk, many label heads and programmers put this mask of aloofness on like it is a protective sleeve. Protecting them against an onslaught of unheard tunes they often automatically assume will not strike a single chord or reverberate after the last note has been played.  Perhaps when it is time to produce a new project, the empty chamber of once phat bank accounts resulting  from once fat CD sales is what seems to have stolen the stirrings of creative commitment from artists who have lost their way in this new era of less money for more work.

By no means am I implying that we have to love every song or even the majority of songs made for mass consumption. But don’t you remember the thrill of your first concert?  Or that feeling that can’t be denied whenever you hear even that one song, which instantly transports you back to that one moment, of your life.

It’s time to rediscover the raw untainted love we once all felt for it. Scouring the internet for untapped talent, asking friends for suggestions, dipping into a local open mic nights. Becoming  Bieliebers. Yes Beliebers. See to some, Justin Bieber is little more than yet another manufactured musician of the moment, but to millions more Beliebers  worldwide, he is hailed as the originator of all music is and should ever be.

This is what we each need a bit of.  Bieber music fever. Because trust, music with the potential to move even the most calloused soul is still  out there, waiting to be discovere,  heard, and appreciated. So when it comes to music, let’s not be above it, when we know we really love it.

– @SamanthaGberry

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