“Lately” by Tyrese was the last song my iPod played. I was in a sensual mood, carefully adoring Tyrese’s stunning vocals when it seemingly just shut off. The screen went black and I thought nothing more of it. I felt slightly disappointed being that I didn’t get to hear my favorite Tyrese adlib which he delivers upon the cusp of the bridge and final hook of the ballad. I had heard the tune thousands of times before so I retired my ear buds early. The next day would alarm me.

There were a series of rainy days that week, not that I am correlating the weather to the final days of my pod but I was already in a somber mood. Music is the driving force in my transportation process. After snatching the 4th Generation music player off it’s dock in a hurry because I was running late, I secured my headphones in ear and began to jog toward the bus stop. I had managed to master multi-tasking, so with one quick tap to the ‘play’ button I was expecting to hear a shuffled play-list. I took joy in the surprise my pod would deliver every time it was summoned. There was no sound though.

Several revival attempts later which proved unsuccessful, I reflected on my financial situation and how I couldn’t possible afford another. I wanted to break down and cry. The item I had become so dependent on as a driver of my emotions had died. The time I washed it in the washing machine played on repeat in my brain; oh boy…’repeat’ my favorite feature on my pod :tears: It had survived that ordeal and others, like the time Pineapple Soda spilled in my bag or the time when it was given a virus by someone else’s computer.

All these thoughts trickled from my mind to my fingers that had once enjoyed the smooth shell Apple had perfected. “Get yourself together” I thought “It’s only an iPod.” The next few days were the hardest. Conversations from rotten teenagers on the back of bus became my life. If there’s one thing in this world I can care less about is to whom Bobby gave a letter in school the morning prior. Weird men began to talk to me, I guess when you don’t have head phones in your ears you are more susceptible to the oddities of your environment.

My life changed drastically when I purchased my first iPod. I was able to enjoy music in a new light. I traveled through a personal time machine each time a throwback song would conjure a forgotten memory. I was happier not dealing with my irrelevant surroundings. I had tapped into my childhood hearing songs like “I Can Love You” by Mary J Blige which I remember jumping double dutch to in elementary school. I wanted to launch my pod at the first Apple representative I saw, how dare you make an item that would break up with me like this!

After days of mourning, I finally cracked a grin then chuckled. My iPod had survived detrimental waters, falls from heights I couldn’t endure, a STD and even a tousle with my Pug. My iPod was a “G.”

Happy 10th Anniversary to The iPod and R.I.P. to the man, Steve Jobs, who created it!

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