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The G-List is TheUrbanDaily.com’s annual celebration of 40 influential men from various walks of life who define what it means to be a trendsetter  with style in their field.


Name: TMor

From: San Francisco

Occupation: Comedian

Affiliations: Comic Diversity

Comedian TMor is a graduate of the school of hard knocks. The San Francisco-bred comic may not have “college knowledge,” but he’s got a life’s worth of material to work with instead. Once a founding member of a gang in the Bay area, he took his troubled past and flipped it into something positive. Though he’s has only been doing stand-up for about a year, his hood knowledge has helped him make the grade, even when his hair didn’t.

Diggin’ In The Crates In The Bay Area

What made you decide to get into comedy?

Well, I have always had a love for comedy from my childhood. I have one of those families full of drug dealers, pimps and dope fiends. And there was a lot of family around the family. The thing about it for me is that I got this troubled past and so it ends of being very therapeutic for me. Someone told me once ‘you’re not telling jokes, you’re just telling true stories that happen to be funny.’ My mother being a heroine addict, my brother being in the penitentiary. Comedy is rooted in pain.

How did you get started in the business?

I love comedy. I always had a love for it. A little over a year ago a friend of mine almost passed away. Once she got well, I told her we almost lost you and I feel like we haven’t kicked it together. She asked me, ‘what do you think about comedy?’ So we started doing comedy together. We got with this group of people, we call it “Comic Diversity.” We started producing a comedy show at a theater in midtown Manhattan.

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How important is style and grooming to your career?

Well, for me, it’s important. You know, there’s this philosophy about comics, especially when it comes to Black audiences. You have to look successful for people to pay attention to you. It’s important to look like someone who should be listened to. Everything about you is communicating who you are. How you hold the mic, how your face looks, how you walk, and how you dress.

Are there any other comics whose style you admire?

Aesthetically, I appreciate Chris Rock’s style. What I appreciate about Chris Rock is that he will get flashy. There’s a level of performance that happens for Black comedians. You have to take your talent and drape it with performance. He does that with attire.

How would you define your own personal style?

The easiest thing to say is that I dress casual. It’s really not fancy at all. I’ve gone out in jeans and a hoody. On the other hand, I’ve gone out in a button down suit. For the things that I do, it’s important for me to look more professional. Sometimes, I will wear a suit and tie, because the subject matter that I bring to the stage calls for it. When I’ve done shows where I’ve dressed down, the audience has a hard time connecting the dots.

How particular are you about grooming? Do you do it yourself or go to a barber?

I go to Vernon. He’s my barber. He’s also Maxwell’s barber. I’ve tried it myself. What brother hasn’t? I’ve stood in the mirror with two or four mirrors, twisting arms around to get the right line. I wouldn’t pay me to cut my own hair.

Are there any grooming mistakes you’ve learned the hard way?

I have a philosophy. I’ve never had dreadlocks and money at the same time. It has never worked for me. Even when I was a younger, I couldn’t even sell drugs with dreadlocks. Every time I get locks, I go broke.

Do you ever take grooming advice from any women?

Uh yes. I had a girlfriend who introduced me to manis and pedis. I am fan of manicures and pedicures now. You never know when you gotta take off your shoes and socks. That came from a woman. My feet kept snaggin’ the blankets.

The G-List is TheUrbanDaily.com’s annual celebration of 40 influential men from various walks of life who define what it means to be a trendsetter  with style in their field.

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