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jay-zAs MTV rolls out their always controversial list of the hottest mcess for the previous year, Jay-Z doesn’t make further than number six!

MTV says:

Jay-Z’s legacy in rap is unparalleled. Hov probably best summed up his career on 2003’s “What More Can I Say” when he spit, “There’s never been a n—a this good for this long/ This ‘hood or this pop, this hot or this strong.”

But were the God MC’s past accomplishments enough to rest on in 2011?

After releasing Watch The Throne in 2011 what more does he need to be number one? According to MTV, way more than he was giving:

“If you talk about the Throne, yeah, top five, no question. But Jay himself? From January to August, what was going on?” asked Rahman Dukes, MTV News’ director of hip-hop news, pointing out Jigga’s inactivity apart from WTT. “Kanye was moving.”

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