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Sidney Starr.  Nadia Milan.  Amiyah Scott.  From the outside they look like the ideal eye candy seen in any hip-hop video or on the arm of the hottest rapper.  But these three women all share something in common—they were all born biologically male.  All three have also been rumored to date notable hip-hop artists.  An article titled ” Homophobia & Hip Hop: Are Trans Women The New Sexual Fixation For Rappers?” on makes the connection between the hyper-masculine hip-hop world and the transgender community. The author states:

“Rappers have been picking up on trans girls for decades now. This is nothing new. The real question here is what exactly is their fixation with these women and why are they trying so hard to hide whats so obvious in the public eye?”

Sidney Starr, who has openly declared her status as a trans woman, has been linked to rapper Chingy, Soulja Boy, and Lil Wayne in the gossip mill.  Nadia Milan, a stylist based in Atlanta, was rumored to be involved with Bow Wow.

What say you readers? Could there be any truth to the rumors? Or are  these women looking for a quick 15 minutes of fame?

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