warren G Nate DoggA joint EP with Warren G and Nate Dogg will be released in the near future. Warren G spoke to XXL Magazine about the project he first announced a year ago. The West Coast rapper told the magazine the name of the EP is No One Could Do It Better. Nate Dogg is featured on the hook of the first single, “A Party We Will Throw Now.” Game lends a verse to the song as it will be the lead single off the project.

Warren G hasn’t decided when he wants to release No One Could Do It Better, but he’s eyeing mid-spring to early summer. Warren G commented to XXL, “I might drop it April 17 right after our first Coachella show. If not, by mid-May or June. Shit…I might decide to go hard virally with it. It’s that genuine G-Funk sound that we’re missing. I just to give people that real music again and tell people that ain’t nothing changed. Nate is still here. I got to keep my boy alive.”

As if that weren’t enough, the regulator is dropping a solo EP called Regulate the G-Funk Era in July.



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