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Trey Songz Lawsuit over "Yup!"People will sue over the most ridiculous things. R&B heart throb Trey Songz is counter-suing Storage Wars star David Hester over the trademarking of “Yup!” Yes, you read correctly. Two grown men are fighting over a word.

The situation began when Hester sued Songz over the use of the word because both sell merchandise with the phrase emblazoned on it. David Hester asked a judge to allow him to continue to use the word in spite of the cease and desist letter Trey Songz sent the reality star.

Songz filed court documents on April 2nd claiming he’s had the rights to “Yup!” since 2009 while Hester filed papers to trademark the term in 2011. Trigga Trey wants a judge to make David Hester’s trademark null and void. Trey also wants the judge to have David Hester fork some cash for damages.

A judge has yet to make a ruling in the case. Though the root of the issue is money, these two need to get bigger problems.



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