After being convicted for second-degree murder, G. Dep has accepted his fate.

The former Bad Boy Records artist reacted to the guilty verdict in a conversation with MTV News. “However it went down, it was just one of them things where I knew I was facing some type of charge, so whatever the verdict was, I knew it was God’s will,” the “Special Delivery” rapper stated.

Born Trevell Coleman, G. Dep put the spotlight back on himself in 2010 when he confessed to a nearly 20 year old murder without provocation. The murder he confessed to was the slaying off John Henkel in an attempted robbery gone wrong. G. Dep confessed to the crime at the time because he said he could no longer bear that being on his conscience.

Though the verdict wasn’t in his favor, G. Dep seems at peace with it. “You know, someone was taken from [the Henkel] family, so I can’t feel like I was robbed in any kind of way,” he commented. “I just want to thank everyone that was involved in the case. I don’t have no ill thoughts towards anybody.”

Dep is set to be sentenced on May 8th where he will face up to 15 years in prison.

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