When people talk about it being a small world, they have no idea exactly how small it is. The Editor-In-Chief of GQ Magazine Jim Nelson was a juror in the murder trial of former rapper G. Dep and found him guilty.

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Nelson talked about his experience being a juror in the Editor’s Letter in the forthcoming June issue. He admits he didn’t know the man on trial known as Trevell Coleman was once a protege of Diddy in the early part of the 2000s. Jim Nelson wrote in his Editor’s Letter, “I never knew this until after the trial-the judge must have limited what we were told about the defendant, and I didn’t recognize him-but Trevell Coleman, I later learned when I looked into the case, became a semifamous rapper in the years after the crime.”

He went on to say, “Despite finding him guilty “because he was,” Nelson “wondered if I was fit to judge this man who was capable of acts of public violence and personal honor I couldn’t even imagine having to wrestle with.”

G. Dep is facing a possible 15 years to life bid. His sentence hearing will take place on May 8th.



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