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If you haven’t heard about the Somali pirates story, then you need to stop looking at those Rihanna pictures and start watching the news.

Samuel L. Jackson is set to star as Andrew Mwangura, the freelance journalist and hostage negotiator, who recently played go-between when Somali pirates took several ships hostage.

Mwangura is also an ex-marine engineer who runs the Seafarers’ Assistance Programme, a nonprofit group that offers humanitarian aid to all seafarers. He earned the trust of both sides and brokered a deal to recover the crew and cargo for $3.4 million.

Jackson is set to work with producer Andras Hamori on the film. The pair previously worked together on the ill-fated, yet somewhat funny film The 51st State and Running Wild – a flick about a massacre in a gated community, still in pre-production.

Meanwhile, Jackson is shooting Iron Man 2 appearing as Nick Fury, but he’ll hopefully have time on set to practice for his role.

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