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javaris-crittenton-domestic-violence-baby-momma.jpgThings seem to be getting worse for ex-NBA player Javaris Crittenton. Not only is he facing murder charges for his involvement in the shooting death of a woman in 2011, his baby momma is filing a restraining order against him on the grounds of domestic violence.

A judge has ordered the ex-Washington Wizards baller to stay at least 100 yards away from the mother of his child Tyress Daniels and their son who is a newborn. The reason for the temporary restraining order is because Daniels filed court papers detailing Crittenton’s pattern of abuse. Javaris Crittenton allegedly attacked Daniels on three separate occasions.

Tyress Daniels said the first incident happened while she was pregnant. Daniels claimed Crittenton roughed her up in a hotel room. The second incident happened a day after the baby was born. “I was breastfeeding the baby and we got into an argument over what the baby would wear for pictures. Javaris hit me in the face while I was breastfeeding because he said I had a smart mouth,” she recounted.

After the fight in the hospital, Crittenton tried to grab his son and leave the hospital, but was foiled when hospital security rushed into the room and threw him out of the hospital.

The final domestic violence altercation happened when Javaris scratched Tyress in the face and busted her lip. He later texted her telling her she would end up like her “dead mother” and he would have full custody of their son.

The judge awarded custody to Tyress Daniels after reading her documents and set a hearing for next month where he will decide if the restraining order will be made permanent.

Either way, this doesn’t help his murder case. The prosecution can easily get Tyress Daniels to testify about the character of Javaris Crittenton and with her seeking a restraining order, things couldn’t look any worse than they do now for Javaris Crittenton.



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