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chicken thief


Bruh… C’mon. A meat company employee form Bloomfield, Conn. has been arrested for stealing $10,000 worth of chicken wings from the company. The theft happened back in February, according to NBC Connecticut, but it just got reviewed on the surveillance cameras.

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Boris Delisser, took the chicken wings and from the warehouse and put them in a vehicle, but they weren’t sold said the police. (Duh.) It turns out he has done this more than once, and the company has lost over $10,000 because of his thievery.

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He’s charged with first degree larceny and he was released on a $10,000 bond.

Okay… Where do I begin?

First, there was the two dudes from Atlanta who stole $65,000 worth of chicken wings. How you steal more chicken than Benz or BMW is worth, I just don’t know. And then there was the woman who sang gospel for chicken. Lord, help me now! Yes, chicken is amazing and delicious, but to steal that much worth of poultry? I guess since it’s summer people gotta get ready for the BBQs…

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