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Okay, Internet, we see you. You can post whatever you want, but is it necessary? It seems like some people are taking to review prisons and jails on Yelp to help out future inmates before they arrive at their new living quarters (there is really no way to jazz up jail).

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In case it ever gets to that point, maybe it is a good thing to read these reviews just so you know what you’ll be getting into. Take a look at this review of Rikers:

Things you MUST remember: No matter what religion you (really) are/aren’t, say you’re ‘Jewish.’

Why? Because, you’ll get a box of Matzoh (‘crackers, as some call it), a bottle of grape juice (both weekly) and, you’ll get a trip  to meet the Rabbi (A VERY nice man who lets you use his phone).

2nd thing to remember is say you’ve a medical condition, in which you NEED to have ‘double portions.’

Trust me on this. Otherwise – you’ll really starve.

Make sure someone’s put money on your account. You’ll NEED it. For food, and for… other things (’nuff said).

And this one of Manhattan Central Booking:

But the Tombs only gets one star because it is filthy. Really filthy, as in unhygienic. It’s a human rights violation to force people to stay here against their will (and of course most of the people in here are in here against their will). The bathroom is not only out in the open, it’s covered in shit, and you have to ask for toilet paper. There’s no soap.

There are tons of other reviews of jails across the country. According to Gawker, some state attorneys are also complaining about prison conditions on Yelps for things such as delaying procedures and or measures that prevent them from seeing their clients. It isn’t proven if that method has proven to be accurate though. Maybe they should use Facebook. That seems to work…

What do you think about the prison reviews?

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