”Retired” rapper Jay-Z sat down with radio host Angie Martinez to discuss his plans for The Blueprint 3.

Jay announced that he will be dropping the album on September 11, as had been rumored, and he’s got something really special in mind for the release.

It’s the date the first one came out and it was a horrible date in our history,”he told the Hot 97 D.J. “I have a wonderful idea for a show, proceeds are gonna go to charity. You know, just bring it full circle. I have a historic venue in mind, I’m gonna bring some artists out. It’s gonna be big.”

Hov just released a song titled “D.O.A.,” which stands for death of autotune, and he took a little time to speak on the controversy surrounding the track.  He said that although autotune can be a good tool when used with a melody, he feels that many artists “use it as a crutch.”

“It’s not me, the people are sick of it,” Jay-Z said before signing off.

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