In the latest example of what we’ve coined “anti-social media” a young man in Texas is now under investigation by police after he threatened to shoot his sister if J.Cole did not retweet him.

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The tweet included a photo of the young man pointing a BB gun at his little sister demanding that J. Cole retweet the message. Cole complied but Twitter went crazy, prompting the young man to defend his actions as “a joke.”

However, according to TMZ, New Braunfels Police Department in Texas has opened an investigation into the 19-year-old but for the time being no charges are being filed.

“I’d like to apologize to America for the photo and to put J. Cole in that position. It was all a joke,” the teen told TMZ. “It was an unloaded BB gun and my sister was in on it. I only tweeted it because I didn’t expect a response. Mr. Cole please don’t sue me. I want to formally apologize more to J. Cole and yeah my mom made me delete my twitter until I fixed it.”

J.Cole’s new album “Born Sinner” was released on Tuesday and the super fan wanted to show he supported the artist, but went to extreme lengths to prove it. We hope he realizes that there was nothing funny about his “joke” before there are lasting consequences.

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