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Kool Aid


An 8-year-old little boy from Garfield Heights, Ohio is doing something unheard of to help his family out, and according to The Huffington Post, business is good. The Kool-Aid stand business that is.

It seems Michael Diamond, Jr. opened the stand this past Tuesday to assist in raising money for his grandma’s funeral.

The boy’s grandmother Bobbie Diamond passed away on Father’s Day after a battle with cancer at age the young age of  52. Upon hearing his parents discussing their frustration with trying to pay for a $5,ooo funeral ceremony on a fixed income, the little guy decided he wanted to do his part to help.

Said Michael Diamond Sr. of his son’s efforts,

“I’m very proud, Words cannot express how I feel right now. My mom would probably sit back and cry and say ‘Thank you, Jesus.’ My mother was very spiritual.”

Michael Jr.  began selling his Kool concoction on  Tuesday, and had earned around $173 in a few days. Which of course is not too shabby for an 8-year-old!

However, after Cleveland station WOIO picked the story up the profits jumped to a little over $1,100.00!


When you think about  the fact that the little man was selling his Kool Aid for $1 for a 16 oz cup and 50 cents for an 8 oz cup you truly see this boy has been hustling the sweet drink in  a serious way!  (His best sellers seem to be his Pink Lemonade and Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade.)

Kraft Foods, who are  the parent company of Kool-Aid, are also now aware of the situation and the little guys purpose and are moved. A spokesman told Huff Post,

“We are looking into the situation and how we could help support Michael and his family in this endeavor,”

Michael intends to work on his Kool-Aid stand through tomorrow. and the funeral for Bobbie Diamond is set for this Tuesday.

Said little Michael of what his grandmother would think if she were here to see all his hard work,

“I say she would be happy.”

Yes, we think so too sir! We salute you!


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