In today’s edition of dumb theif news, two people in Chicago were recently arrested after they tried to rob a restaurant twice in the same day. the interesting part of the story is the first time they tried to rob the establishment, the owner told them to come back when he wasn’t busy and the thieves listened!

According to reports, two men Mario Garcia,39, and 28-year-old Domingo Garcia-Hernandez attempted to stick up the West Rogers Park restaurant. They came during peak dinner hours on a SAunday and the owner told them to come back and rob the establishment later, reasoning that there would be less innocent people to put in harm’s way. The thieves agreed and came back a few hours later.

When the thieves made their return to the restaurant with a metal bat in hand, they were promptly arrested because the owner had called the police and had them on stand-by. Police found out the two men live a block away from the restaurant and they were both charged with attempted aggravated robbery.



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