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xbox one console - xbox one console

Sony warned Microsoft not to bring Kinect to a gaming console fight. Microsoft didn’t listen. And now their tongues can’t lick their wounds fast enough while Sony celebrates.

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Before the latest generation of consoles even launched, Microsoft had to abandon most of their original system features and requirements in response to peals of negative backlash.

Now the machines are out and, so far, Microsoft is getting housed by the PS4 by sales of almost 2-1.

vgchartz sales latest generation gaming consoles graph - vgchartz sales latest generation gaming consoles graph


While Sony is chillin’ and chopsticking sushi off of naked chicks, Microsoft is in a tailspin, desperate to shake some sales out of the worldwide public. They even tried bundling an explosively popular new game called ‘Titanfall’ with a reduced-price version of the Xbox One, but little changed.

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It’s been so bad for Microsoft that they’re even getting beat by Nintendo’s inferior Wii U. And Nintendo fired folks over their sales numbers.

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In a zero-hour maneuver, Microsoft has finally pulled the trigger on their final move. They removed Kinect from the XBox One system, dropped the price to $399 and added a slew of features that look very familiar…

1) Free games via XBox Live, just like Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) hookups

2) Additional game discounts, just like Sony’s PSN deals

3) Popular apps like Netflix will no longer be behind a paywall…just like the way PSN does it

4) Any other ideas they can steal from the PS4

You can still buy a Kinect-bundled system for $499 like before, but now this price-point makes them more competitive…but will it matter since Sony already seems to have consumer interest swayed?

Let the battle continue!

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