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After rumors hit the net last week that Katt Williams was broke as a joke (pun intended), he’s denying it all. Rumors stated that Katt was filing for bankruptcy and wouldn’t be able to retire early after all. They said his bad spending habits had caught up to him and now his bank accounts are empty.

But Big Boy of Big Boy’s Morning Show talked to Katt on Friday afternoon–and Katt’s saying all of this is B.S. He has no clue where any of this came from and has indeed not filed for bankruptcy.

He told Big Boy and the crew that he was just minding his own business and planning his own charity event for kids when this story came out. What people may not know is that Katt owns the publishing

to almost all his work and maintains ownership of businesses and such.

So it’ll be a while–if ever–that Mr. Williams is flat out broke. Let the perm live on…

Katt Williams should come back to do a movie. Peep below:

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