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I have been dating this guy For a couple of months. I am actually falling in love with him. He happens to be a professional football player. I really love him for who he is and not because of his profession and his wealth. I am not the “Chicken Head” or “Gold Digger” type of woman. I am just the average outgoing everybody loves kind of woman, that enjoys being happy. Some people, in particular his mother think I am with him because of his money. What can I do to prove to his mother that I am not in it for the money?


The BlackMan:

Hi KK,

The best for you is just to be yourself. If you are not type of person then in time that will unfold to his mother. If you try too hard to prove that you are not that type of person it may come off the wrong way and can make her continue to think that you are a “Gold Digger”.

As you probably already know, mothers are very protective over their sons and don not want being taken advantage of. In the case of you boyfriend it can be very easy because of his profile and some women are out there looking for a “meal ticket” and he is an easy target for that.

Just be patient and be authentic in your thoughts and actions. In time it will reveal to his mother type of woman you are.

Good Luck


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