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Golden State Warriors v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Four

Remember: Nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet.

As Kevin Durant adjusts to joining the Golden State Warriors, the internet had a field day and discovered some of the former Oklahoma City Thunder player’s old tweets and his BlackPlanet. Yup, that’s right, his BlackPlanet page.

His old tweets reveal that the 27-year-old professed to Twitter being better than hitting up a nightclub, and he also commented on 2009’s free agency happenings.

While those tweets are pretty funny, nothing is better than KD’s BlackPlanet profile. Apparently, Durant was looking for “A YOUNGIN TO CHILL WIT.

The profile, which dates back to 2004, even reveals his AIM screen name, which was Kevinballa33. Ironically, Kevin’s BP username was “ima_warrior.”

Before you laugh too hard, just remember how terribly corny your BlackPlanet or Myspace page was ten years ago.

BlackPlanet has confirmed the profile is real and that Kevin last logged in in 2006.



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