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David Simon, the creator behind the beloved show The Wire, landed himself in hot water on Twitter last night.

It all started when Donald Trump announced he’d be holding a town hall in Cleveland, Ohio, to discuss the issues affecting African-Americans. And who better to host said town hall than conservative Fox News commentator Sean Hannity?

Simon, like the rest of us, was confused as to why Hannity was chosen, but lost us all when he sent out a tweet using the n-word.

Not only did he not delete the tweet, but he went on to explain why it was okay for him to use it.

The first reply was, “Hello, fellow white person! I see you are using racially loaded in-group vernacular! Might I suggest rethinking this idea?”

This was his chance to clean it up, but he didn’t.

It all went downhill from there as Twitter erupted with criticism because Simon thinks it’s okay he used the word since he spelled it with an “a” rather than its traditional “er” spelling. He thought it was “used as sarcasm against Sean Hannity as the birther candidates interlocutor to black voters? I’ll play it.”

SOURCE: Twitter | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


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