It seems as if Cash Money Records’ business strategy is just sign every damn body and see who sticks. They’ve been doing that ever since the Hot Boys broke up. Remember Teena Marie? Remember Mack 10? Cash Money was known as one of the places where music artists went to die. They were  the music version of that VH1 show Surreal Life. The problem was that outside of Weezy and Baby, the New Orleans-based record label has had more success in promoting the acceptance of male homoerotic behavior within Hip-Hop than they have successfully breaking artists outside of the Hot Boys and the Big Tymers contingent. They had zero success in that department after . And then came Drake.

Drake’s signing made Young Money and it’s parent company Cash Money matter again. Before him they were the Detroit Lions with Barry Sanders– a team with a bonafide superstar who couldn’t do sh-t right. Lil Wayne has been on a little roll with the team he’s assembled with Drake, Nicky Minaj,  Mack Maine, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Shanell, Tyga and T-Streets. All very talented artists. And then he pulled a coupe and signed one-time superstar Omarion, who was unceremoniously dropped from Columbia after lackluster sales of an album he did with Bow Wow.

And now Bow Wow. The diminutive rapper tweeted that he signed to Cash Money this weekend and confirmed it. I thought this guy retired to become an actor? I guess his agent couldn’t line him up enough work. My question is do people still buy Bow Wow records? And if so, who? It’s kinda creepy if his little old ass  is still being marketed to 13-year-old girls. It’s equally disturbing  if 25-year-olds are still copping his sh-t. I just hope Omarion and Bow Wow don’t try to rekindle the “old days”. Keep them apart at all costs.

Anyway, since Cash Money is snatching everybody up we came up with some other available names that could use an advance and music career right about now.

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