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The news doesn’t stop coming just because it’s a holiday, so while many of you are spending the day out of work or school, we’re here at the office writing the stuff you’re reading while living it up in your underwear for the next few hours.  So why don’t the 21-and-over readers chill out with an “I’m going to take full advantage of my day off” celebratory drink? Do it for me.

1800 Tequila hit up 9 up-and-coming artists around the country for their “Essential Artists” campaign, intended to make that whole “starving artist” thing less of a reality for the super-talented (and boy, do we artists know that phrase literally).  Each bottle features one of the nine designs and, since only 1,800 bottles were made, notes the production number on the side. It’s the same delicious tequila on the inside, except when I’m finished with it I plan to keep my limited edition bottle (by artist Josh Ellingson, pictured left) on a shelf in my kitchen, college-style.

While this collection gets snatched up, 1800 is currently scouting more artists for their next campaign. Those interested can upload their art to The limited edition bottles are only around until they run out, and since they’re so cheap at $34.99 a bottle, they’re not going to last very long.

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