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Ariel Goode_SaidArieWhat’s news ladies and gents? It’s me, your new resident blogger, Ariel Goode, but you can just call me Arie. Here’s a little about me, I am the founder of Leira Public Relations, a full-service hybrid public relation and marketing firm focused on publicizing a diverse clientele that include musicians, artists, actors, athletes, entertainers and print publications.

Now aside from that, and probably more interesting to you, I am your “in-the-know” blogger at TheUrbanDaily.com. My blog, SaidArie, is an eclectic mix – such as myself – of news, advice, reviews and event highlights from a publicist point of view.

What you may know about PR reps is that we are always responsible for maintaining positive images of our clients, however, many times we’re left without a voice – you know we can’t really speak openly about how or what we feel.

Well scrap that! SaidArie is going to bring you all the juicy tidbits and opinionated insider views that readers and fans aren’t exposed to. Let’s Go!

Ok folks, now that the formalities are out of the way, I want to discuss reality dating shows. I enjoy a good reality show just as much as the next over-opinionated know-it-all. But the world of “reality” television today resembles a cluster f^#k of human petri dishes, than comedic entertainment.

So after sitting and watching a couple seasons of Flavor of Love, I Love New York, For the Love of Ray J, Real Chance of Love, and more recently, The Jersey Shore my question is, “Why are we so enamored with has-been celebrities getting their career’s last  wind on the backs of some chicken-heads?”

Flavor Flav

Seriously, even the most reserved church going farm girl turns trick by the end of the season in hopes of being chosen the “one-and-only” by some D-list celebrity. I mean REALLY, the celebrities picked for these shows are in search of a long needed payday more than they are about love, commitment and whatever other B.S. these lifelong groupies are claiming to offer.

I highly doubt, for instance, that Ray J has any issues meeting a companion if he’s truly in search of love. The benefit for him, Flavor Flav, Bret Michaels and other has-beens is a steady pay check and a brief rejuvenation to otherwise flat-lining careers which needed serious mouth-to-mouth resuscitation – literally – ewww!

And it works!

The celebrity bachelors and bachelorettes gain new found fame, wealth and a new younger fan base; while the show’s participants act a fool, fight, f^#k and suck their way into confusion for high network ratings. And if they’re lucky, possibly gain a spinoff show that allows the world to really see just how retarded they are (just ask Tiffany Pollard, aka New York).

The rest ride the wave of the circus-like names given to them with the network logos in front, promoting club nights, charity basketball games, music videos and other life-fillers until their dully lit flames fades out for good. Well at least until a silly “Do you remember?” stunt and event show digs them back up.

Reality TVDon’t believe me? Besides the new girls who stay plastered to the TV screen during current re-runs of these reality “love” shows, how many names of “loved” ones can you remember from all of your rundown melo-dramas? Do you remember the names of those individuals who gained two seconds of fame for selling their souls to play a role in an episode of the cheap and desperate?

Need a second? Like Kat William, don’t worry I’ll wait!

I want to know your thoughts.

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