I have been inspired by Diddys recent events in Fat Joe’s- Slow Down video where he surfed on a moving car, that’s right people, a moving vehicle!So in light of Diddy’s ostentatious antics I have put together a list of other ridiculous music video stunts- enjoy!

In Case You Haven’t Seen Diddy:

Mario- How Do I Breath

This is just weird -walking on the ceiling- it reminds me of the Exorcist.

Nelly- Hot in Herre

Just because we use “the roof is on fire” very loosely, we hope and pray that the roof does not catch flame while we were partying. Love the song though!

Nelly- Tip Drill

Nelly again! This one is a classic, but really- a credit card through a strippers cheeks? Was this a metaphor? Who cares it was pretty dumb.

Trina- Single Again

Um, are you floating on top of water like Jesus? Wait is there a person swimming in there too?

Diddy- I’ll Be Missing You

Why in the world did his motorcycle crash like that?

Ginuwine- Ain’t None Of Your Friends Business

This deserves a Cam’ron “No Homo.” What were you thinking when you let another man poke his head out from in between your legs? You should have re-thought that!

Sisqo- Thong Song

Sisqo, cart wheels and backflips are for tweens.

Diddy Hits Rikers To Visit Wayne

Nellys Cousin Was Killed In His Own Home

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