I was recently the victim of vicious rumors that I found extremely upsetting. Some individuals (who remain unknown to me), who obviously don’t know me, said that I was “whoring around” – sleeping with multiple guys in the music industry at the same time. When the rumors got back to me, I was really shocked! I have never considered engaging in such heinous acts, especially in an environment where I make my bread and butter.

While it’s known that women who work in the “industry” are alleged to be groupies and sack chasers, some people (this happens to men too) just have bad reps. I never considered myself to be one of those people – especially since I have no interest in sleeping with men that I work with professionally. Who the hell makes up shit about someone they don’t even know? Wowwwwww!

After I regained my composure, I realized that only small-minded people would engage in convos about a person’s sex life that they know absolutely nothing about. I paid the alleged rumors no mind. I’m exotic compared to the average chick, so that instantly leaves room for the weak and insecure to hate. Diddy was right….bitchassness is an epidemic in the black community…



A terrible new found disease spreading through the black community as we speak.


1.) Talking shit behind someone’s back

2.) Having your feelings hurt to easily


4.) Acting “salty”

5.) Thinking your better than someone else

6.) Whining or throwing little pussy fits

7.) Spreading false rumors

I believe that if you ever find yourself to be the topic of negative discussions amongst people you don’t know, then you have left your footprint in their mind (job well done). It is important to stay positive and remember that it’s only happening because some people don’t have enough going on their own lives, so they make your life the object of their thoughts, conversations, and entertainment. As the T.I song goes, “My life your entertainment, you watch it while I live it.” So, let the haters hate…no need to sweat your admirers.

If you’ve ever been a victim, speak on it!! Leave a comment…

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