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Tomorrow’s the big fight between the legendary Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao. With a lot of hype and pride on the line, the boxing game’s best give their predictions on who will the fight.

Chris Robinson

I just think that Oscar’s size will be too much at the end of the day. Oscar has been in the ring with physically strong guys like Hopkins, Vargas, and Quartey. I just can’t see Pacquiao doing too much damage to De La Hoya, regardless of how past his prime the Golden Boy is.

De La Hoya: TKO in the 8th Round

Vivek Wallace

As far as my official prediction, im hearing oscar is not as comfortable at this lower weight as many had hoped. If he doesn’t end it within 8, pacquiao wins on points.

Pacquiao – Via split decision.

Peter Czymbor

I think De La Hoya stops Pacquiao in the middle rounds. I’m not one of these people that thinks Pacman has absolutely no chance, but I do think the size and power difference will ultimately be a factor. It might be competitive for a few rounds.

KO – De La Hoya

Dennis Guillermo

Oscar’s best rounds will be inside the first 3 to 4 rounds. Once Manny figures him out and gets comfortable with Oscar’s height and reach, Manny will simply outwork and touch Dela Hoya at will as the Golden Boy gasses out as well. As long as Manny stays away from Dela Hoya’s left, he’ll be fine. I’m pretty sure Manny can do that after their extensive technique and footwork training for this fight. The one thing I fear for is if Manny gets cut on the eye, especially his lead eye. If Oscar’s left somehow opens up a cut on Manny’s lead eye, it could spell trouble for Pacquiao as he has shown in the past – particularly in his second bout with Marquez that he’s a totally different fighter when he get’s cut up. Somehow, the only way I think Manny will win via decision though is if he knocks Oscar down at least once in the fight, which I think he will do in rounds 8 and 10. Yep, you read it right. I’m expecting Manny to floor Oscar twice!!!

Mark Lorenzana

Perhaps the biggest question coming into the fight is how Pacquiao’s chin will hold up against De la Hoya’s punches. De la Hoya is a natural lefty but uses an orthodox stance (he is a converted southpaw), and his strongest punches are the jab and left hook. But De la Hoya is moving down to 147 pounds and there is a big chance that this will affect his power. Pacquiao has put on the pounds, but judging from his cut physique, most of the extra weight he gained is pure muscle. If Pacquiao can take De la Hoya’s best punches, the next question to be asked is: Can De la Hoya handle Pacquiao’s speed, grit, and relentless aggression? In a perfect world the great big man will almost always win against the great little man. But as we all know, this is an imperfect world.

Pacquiao by hard-fought split decision.

Brad Cooney

OK, I have put a lot of thought into this prediction. The obvious question is which will win, size or speed? Everybody knows that Oscar is much bigger, and everybody knows that Manny is much faster. Oscar has had a history of getting tired late in fights, but the question is, will this fight last long enough for Oscar to get tired? Manny’s conditioning is tremendous, so he can fight 20 rounds if he needed to, however can he elude the left hook that can ultimately knock him out? I believe that Manny will do well for about 6 or 7 rounds. I believe that he will be faster, and he will be able to give angles that will frustrate Oscar in the first half of the fight. Unfortunately for Manny, I believe that Oscar, being the legend that he is, and the gifted fighter that he is, will ultimately land one of those big left hooks, and do to the pure physics of things, Manny will be stopped. I predict an Oscar De La Hoya TKO in the later rounds, perhaps by the 8th.

Oscar De La Hoya – TKO in the 8th round.

SOURCE: 8 Count News

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