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As far as the PSN is concerned, Sony’s fledgling service has had serious ups and downs in its two year existence. In many ways, the largest advantage is that PS3 owners get an online service, complete with browsers and search engine, as well as messaging and friends lists for free. The inclusion of Life with PlayStation (which is the evolution of the widely acclaimed Folding@Home project) was a great touch, and the recent addition of Trophies provides bragging rights and rewards for playing PS3 games. Even the video and voice chat is an excellent option for friends that want to communicate.

Despite all of these items, the service has stumbled in a number of ways. Chief amongst them is the constantly delayed release of PlayStation Home, Sony’s 3D virtual community that will contain avatars and other digital spaces. Remote Play integration between PSP and PS3 still seems relatively shaky if not completely forgotten, and items like Qore, Sony’s interactive digital magazine, don’t deliver nearly enough content for the price paid for each episode. However, one of the largest problems lies within its striking lack of content on the PlayStation Store in comparison to the Xbox Live Marketplace. Although the Store is updated every Thursday and offers a variety of items for download, most updates have tended to include a large amount of add-on content, videos and themes instead of full games. Similarly, while the addition of the video download service was added in June 2008, the number of high profile films has not impressed.

This, of course, got us thinking: where the hell are the big games and movies for the PSN? Obviously, some games, like Castle Crashers, are exclusive to the Xbox Live Marketplace, but the release of other titles is completely up to the whim of the developer and publisher, which makes it incomprehensible that the love hasn’t been shared on Sony’s console. Similarly, even with Sony’s deals with motion picture studios, there’s no excuse for the lack of major blockbusters that hit the PSN each and every week. Below, we’ll highlight some of the games and films that have managed to mysteriously dodge the grasp of the PSN — hopefully we’ll see these turn up in an update sooner rather than later.

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Source: IGN.com

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