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Though Metal Gear Solid 4 didn’t take top honors at last night’s Spike Video Game Awards, series creator Hideo Kojima was in attendance and dropped a few details on the Metal Gear Solid movie in an interview with Collider. Via his translator, Kojima said that the movie is “brewing, and it’s moving very slowly.” Asked how much of a hands-on role he plans to take with the movie, his translator relayed that “obviously he’s not going to be in the director’s seat, but he will be very, very involved with the project.” Finally, Kojima addressed the possibility of a new game to tie in to the release of the movie, saying he’s “very interested” in such a project and that it would be “a challenge” for him. Of course, with the movie plans themselves sounding fairly vague, any theoretical game is still in very early planning stages as well. Games as simultaneous movie merchandise tend to flop, but if Kojima is involved with both the movie and spearheading a game to go with it, we may see a good example of a movie/game launch that actually works.

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