Singer Kelis has made a career of always being ahead of the curve and left of center. Ten years ago, Kelis had every man’s tongue wagging when she dropped the sexually charged track “Milkshake” from her third album “Tasty.” A lot has happened since Kelis whet our palettes for the tastiness. She’s gone from being tasty to being bossy to being a mother and chef.

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of “Tasty,” check out some of Kelis’ most delicious photos.

1. kelis12


“Drive this car real fast/I’ll lay my head down and I’ll make your body blast” from “In Public” (2003)

2. kelis-red-top


“Put ur hands up in the air, it’s a stick up /I’m gon take your heart from here, now let’s fix up” from “Stick Up” (2003)

3. kelis-photo-0-0-0x0-479×367


“There’s a wild streak in me/But it’s only for you to see” from “Glow” (2003)

4. kelis-essence


“Relax my love/The love I have for you is like the Mafia/For you I’d testify/I’d lie for you of course’ from “Mafia” (2001)

5. screen-shot-2013-12-06-at-11-39-32-am


“You want me yes I know/Tell me how far would you go/To get my loving” from “I Want Your Love” (2001)

6. screen-shot-2013-12-06-at-11-43-24-am


“Ooh, lemme slow it down for ya so you can catch the flow/Screw it up make it go extra slow” from “Bossy” (2006)

7. kelis-flesh-tone-album-release


“I know you’re not the one/But I can tell that this is gonna be fun/Oh I don’t hesitate a lot /But I can show you what to feel inside” from “Not In Love” (2003)

8. kelis-8


“Try me cause I’d be/The one that makes you happy” from “Get Along With You” (1999)

9. kelis-legs


“It’s not all about cash (Hell, no)/Not how much you flash/How I dress is a reflection of me” from “Caught Out There” (1999)

10. screen-shot-2013-12-06-at-11-38-51-am


“When he want it he blindfolds me/Then I get sexy on him” from “Blindfold Me” (2003)

11. kelis-legs-2


“Is it my girls ’round me/Or is my job heavy/Come baby talk to me” from “Easy Come, Easy Go” (2001)

12. kelis2002kingmagazineshoot


“Before I got his name I thought it might be ok/To use for service to take some pain away” from “Keep It Down” (2003)

13. kelis-pink-top


“My tank is all empty, but my heart is filled with fuel/I never run from nothing, but I’m running straight to you” from “TillThe Wheels Fall Off” (2006)

14. keliskingmagazine


“Late at night you call my name/And early in the morning/The thought of sex is soaring” from “Flash Back” (2001)

15. kelis-green-dress


“Keep It Flashing with my working pumps on/Working dress with some lipstick on/This world aint ready for this honey comb” from “Handful” (2006)

16. keliskelo8


“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” from “Milkshake” (2003)

17. kelis-orange-dress


“Give a little love/Right to me/Give a little love/Right through me” from “Perfect Day” (2001)

18. kelis-on-stage


“I taste just like candy/So dance with me” from “Candy” (2001)

19. kelis-on-stage-2


“I need attention, from you/It’s just the little things we do” from “Attention” (2003)

20. kelis_sexy_1683957-1024×768


“Protect me from this cold world/When you hold me and don’t let go of me” from “Shooting Stars” (2001)