1. Columbus Short

Columbus Short

Columbus Short plays Harrison Wright, a former luxury car salesman and inside trader turned “fixer” on ABC’s “Scandal.” He is the most loyal of Olivia Pope’s crew and is marked by a smooth talking demeanor and way with women. He is the only member of Pope & Associates to know about Olivia’s relationship with the President.

2. Malik Yoba

Malik Yoba

Malik Yoba’s Bill Harken is a former FBI agent who strictly adheres to procedure and protocol. He is also a hyperadrenal Alpha: an everyday person with a very special physical ability. Bill is able to summon amazing strength by consciously activating the “fight-or-flight” response.

3. Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington has helped set viewership records on ABC with her turn as Olivia Pope in the D.C. based drama, “Scandal.” Olivia is a professional fixer with a team of Gladiators at her disposal to make the biggest messes disappear. The one thing they can’t fix? Her on-again-off-again affair with the president of the United States.

4. Omar Epps

Omar Epps

As Dr. Eric Foreman in “House,” Epps plays a reformed juvenile delinquent turned neurologist who is hand picked to be a part of Dr. House’s team of specialists. Despite his youthful offenses, Foreman initially may have been the best-adjusted of House’s team. Epps won the 2013 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal.

5. Anthony Anderson And Tempestt Bledsoe

Anthony Anderson And Tempestt Bledsoe

In “Guys With Kids,” Anderson played Gary, the doting stay-at-home dad of four, married to wife Marny, played by Tempestt Bledsoe. The series followed the lives of three friends and their respective partners as they tried to raise children in a modern environment. Unfortunately, the show did not last beyond one season.

6. Danai Gurira

Danai Gurira

As the kitana-wielding Michonne on “The Walking Dead,” Gurira has become a fan favorite with her no-nonsense attitude, fierce methods for dealing with zombies and her epic side-eye when something wasn’t on the level. Gurira has also guest starred in “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and “Life on Mars.”

7. Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton

In the DirectTV series “Rogue,” Newton stars as Grace, an undercover detective tormented by the possibility that she was responsible for her son’s death. To make matters worse, she becomes involved in an illicit affair with a crime boss. “Rogue” is DirectTV’s first original program owned and developed by the network.

8. Meagan Good

Meagan Good

In “Deception” the real life preacher’s wife plays Joanna Locasto, a detective from the San Francisco police department investigating the mysterious death of a socialite named Vivian Bowers. With the first season ending in a cliff-hanger, Good is now preparing to star in sequels to “Anchorman” and “The Best Man.”

9. Laz Alonso

Laz Alonso

Laz Alonso stars in “Deception” as federal agent Will Moreno, the ambitious former SFPD partner of detective Joanna Padget Locasto (Meagan Good). Charged with leading the federal investigation into Bowers Pharmaceuticals, Will recruits Joanna to go undercover with the Bowers family and investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding Vivian Bowers’ death.

10. Mahershala Ali

Mahershala Ali

As Remy on “House Of Cards,” Ali portrays a former press secretary and protege of Frank Underwood, (played by Kevin Spacey). He was a lobbyist for SanCorp, a natural gas company which promotes drilling in Washington. He also has a very close relationship with Frank’s wife, Claire (played by Robin Wright), that he uses to his advantage.

11. Giancarlo Esposito

Giancarlo Esposito

As Major Tom Neville in “Revolution”

Big Brother Almighty “breaks bad” again in “Revolution” as major Tom Neville, a former insurance adjuster trying to survive as a soldier in a post-apocalyptic America. Neville heads up a militia after the world’s power has failed, and he is known to be calculating and ruthless.

12. Common


Rapper turned actor Common may have found his niche on TV as an emancipated slave working on the railroad in AMC’s “Hell On Wheels.” His Elam Ferguson is ambitious and a bit of a rebel who is quick to remind the men around him that he is no longer in bondage.

13. Eamonn Walker

Eamonn Walker

Eamonn Walker stars as battalion chief Wallace Boden, a fireman’s fireman who is confronted by important personal decisions in NBC’s drama “Chicago Fire.” Born in London, he is perhaps best known in the United States for his portrayal of Kareem Said, the Muslim leader on the critically acclaimed series “Oz.”

14. Chad Coleman

Chad Coleman

As Tyreese on “The Walking Dead,” Coleman portrays a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who is leading a small group that includes his sister Sasha and his neighbor Jerry. After a brief time with Rick’s crew at the the prison, Tyreese and his family eventually become part of the the governor’s crew at Woodbury. The former cast member of “The Wire” joined “The Walking Dead” in Season 3.