1. Jay-Z & Beyonce AT The Game

Jay-Z & Beyonce AT The Game

“B, I can’t wait til they come out with the iPhone 6”

2. Jay-Z


“Nope, still haven’t cut my hair. I’m #teamnatural now.”

3. Jay-Z


“B, I left the bottle warmer is next to the Bumbo. Yes, ok…I’m about to miss warm-ups. Ok, bye.”

4. Jay-Z


“I’m outside the Garden now. I swear I’mma build my own sh*t. Tired of these valets scratching my car.”

5. Jay-Z & Beyonce

Jay-Z & Beyonce

“Yeah, so the n*gga Nas went and did a whole album with one of Bob Marley’s sons. Can we get his ghost on the line?”

6. Jay-Z At The Rucker

Jay-Z At The Rucker

“Yeah, we about to get it poppin at The Rucker. lost power? When? We good up here…hello?”

7. Jay-Z


“Me and AI got more in Common than ballin and rhymin…get it?”

8. Jay-Z


“Ask Will if the Carol’s Daughter deal went through. My curl pattern is all off.” #teamnatural

9. Jay-Z


“Mr. Buffet? Yes, I’m on my way up. You won’t believe what this Dinero guy is complaining about now..”