1. Teena Marie – Square Biz

“You know I love spirituals and rock
Sarah Vaughn, Johann Sebastian Bach

Shakespeare, Maya Angelou
And Nikki Giovanni just to name a few”

2. Kanye West – Get By by Talib Kweli

“It’s something about that Nina Simone’s piano flow
It’s like a Michaelangelo painted a portrait of Maya Angelou

And gave it to a sick poet for they antidote
If music get’s you choked up this is the tree and a rope”

3. Wale – Self Made

“Picture me rollin’: young, handsome and Annotatefocused
Got that vision of Pac and though my branding is Oprah
Michelangelo portrait meet Maya Angelou notebook

Michael Jordan performance nigga I dream to be all of it (WHOO)
Yea, I’m just a poet with some hangtime”

4. Lupe Fiasco – Beamin’

“Yeah you don’t come back unless you learned some
And baby girl what does it matter where your purse from
Your hair done, your nails did, your ass fat but you’re dumb

Mix Melissa Ford with Maya Angelou
Become a top model and Sojourner too”

5. Malik B – The Session by The Roots

“Was willin, cause I’m strollin with the quotes
Like Shakespeare, Mark Twain, or Edgar Allan Poe

But since I’m a ne-gro, I flows like Maya Ange-lou
No banja-lo was played, I means banjo betrayed”

6. Kanye West – Hey Mama

“Can’t you see, you’re like a book

of poetry
Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, turn one page and there’s my mommy”

7. Maya Angelou – The Dreamer by Common

“Dare to let your dreams reach beyond you
Know that history holds more than it seems

We are here alive today because our ancestors dared to dream”