1. She’s got brains

She's got brains

She graduated magna cum laude from UC Berkeley in 1997.

2. To the big screen

To the big screen

Her first acting role was in “Hitch” with Will Smith and Eva Mendes.

3. And the small screen

And the small screen

She made documentaries for PBS and also worked on the Discovery Health Channel show, “Medical Diaries.”

4. Nature Vs. Nurture

Nature Vs. Nurture

Paula grew up across the street from a 20th Century Fox, so being in movies was inevitable.

5. Inspiration


Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without You” was written about her.

6. She can sing

She can sing

Paula sang background vocals for Usher on his song, “Can U Handle It?” on his “Confessions” album.

7. Model and Video Vixen

Model and Video Vixen

She was featured on the cover of husband Robin Thicke’s first album, “A Beautiful World”.

8. High School Sweethearts

High School Sweethearts

She and Robin Thicke started dating when they were teenagers and got married in 2005.

9. The Accolades

The Accolades

She was nominated for an Image Award for Best Actress in the hit “Jumping the Broom.”

10. She was a lawyer for one day

She was a lawyer for one day

Paula was set to play the assistant district attorney on “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” but got the call she was going to be in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. She only appeared in one episode.